Nicolò Renna

Nicolò Renna

Italian guitarist-composer, born on July 8, 1981, in Palermo, Italy, Nicolò Renna studied at the Conservatory  Vincenzo Bellini, in Palermo, where  he graduated with a  diploma in classical guitar.

Then, he holds a Master's Degree in Music Education and also a Master (second level) in Information Technology applied to music, with a final internship at the CPM, in Milan.

For several years he devotes his time to the instrumental music composition.

At the moment he has one disc to his name, RT Guitar Duo, which contains published and unpublished songs.

Among the most prestigious collaborations are those with Peppe Servillo of the Avion Travel and Tosca.

He has worked as session musician in discs of important Sicilian composers and songwriters including Ruggiero Mascellino, Maurizio Curcio, Guido Politi and Antoine Michel.

In 2010 he participated with the Omniart Ensemble of Palermo at the Macau International Festival, in China.

Nicolò has many artistic collaborations as session musician in orchestral projects, chamber music and  ensemble etnojazz.

In January 2015 he released his first video clip "Breathing" on the youtube channel of the prestigious American label Candyrat Records; Breathing is an original composition for guitar by Nicolò Renna; the video has already obtained a remarkable success on the web, surpassing 170,000 views.

He is tenured teacher at middle schools (music course)  of Palermo.